Antler Indonesia and Its Mission to Foster Local Startup Communities

Plans to invest in at least 100 startups in Indonesia within the next 4 years

Yenny Yusra - 18 November 2021

After officially announcing the Indonesia's first cohort, a startup builder program Antler has plans to launch quality startups from local founders.

Antler Indonesia's Partner & Country Head, Subir Lohani revealed to DailySocial, if the previous program provided opportunities for startup founders globally, this program is specifically made for Indonesian startup founders with aim to provide the best solutions in Indonesia.

Similar to the program in Singapore, all programs provided to the participans of Indonesian cohort programs are still the same. In order to adapt to market trends and conditions, the program is localized to suit the ecosystem and startup community in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, Subir emphasized, diversity remains Antler's vision. Although the program will be held in Jakarta, it is possible for startups from other regions to join and participate in the program intensively. Likewise, the startup category is quite agnostic.

"Since the beginning, we have tried to always be hands-on to those who take part in the program. Whether it's an existing team to startup founders who don't have a team and co-founders. We are trying to find the right team and of course the relevant business model," Subir said.

In the previous program held in Singapore, most of the chosen ones were startup founders with working background in unicorn to decacorn startups, for Indonesia's special programs, all startup founders with different backgrounds have the same opportunities as startup founders with experience.

Base and Sampingan are the two startups that have participated in the Antler's previous programs from Indonesia. Both founders are Gojek graduates.

"It is undeniable that those who have previously worked in well-known technology companies in Indonesia, mostly have experience and insight to quite sharp skills, when they finally decide to establish a startup," Subir said.

The company plans to invest in at least 100 companies in Indonesia within the next 4 years, with the first investment in Indonesia to be made in early 2022.

Global expansion

Antler is currently available across 17 locations globally. Most recently, the program launched in Toronto and Ho Chi Minh City. There is a specific reason why Antler is expanding their presence in different countries. Especially in a country with warm and great potential for a startup community.

In terms of program, Antler considers this activity as enriching their knowledge about market conditions and startup communities in various countries. However, from an investment perspective, Antler also sees greater opportunities to invest in various countries.

"We can also help startups participating in the program to expand their business globally, if they have plans to expand in the future," he said.

After obtaining $300 million funding last October, Antler plans to use the fresh funds to invest in advanced startups. In Southeast Asia, Antler has the South East Asia Fund, most of which is used for Antler's operations in Southeast Asia.

"We see that there are many venture capital focused on advanced stage investments today. We have helped startup growth since the beginning, we want to continue to support startups to grow until they exit," Subir said.

In terms of advanced funding, Antler creates opportunities for investors to partner with them, providing fresh capital to help startups grow their companies. Currently, Antler has partnered with various global venture capitalists. In Indonesia alone, Antler with its startup graduates, are attracting investors.

In this case, Subir emphasized that it is not surprising for investors to have an eye for Antler's startup graduates. As it happens with Y Combinator graduates. He said, apart from quality startups, with global experience, the Antler team can see what trends and business models are relevant and certainly have the potential to grow. There are some of Antler's startup graduates who then continued their program at Y Combinator.

"With my experience as a professional and in the tech industry, as well as the support of the team, I hope to be able to help Indonesian startup founders provide relevant insights and tips for their startup growth," Subir said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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