Jenius Starts Targeting SMEs, Introducing Two New Services

There are Jenius' business account and Bisniskit to facilitate users organizing business

Yenny Yusra - 18 September 2020

Aiming to support new business owners, Jenius launched two new services, the Jenius business account, and the Bisniskit application. Rolled out for free, the application offers some features to new business owners or SME players.

“Through the spirit and process of co-creation, Jenius continues to get ideas, input, and insights from digital-savvy. From this process, we find that there is an aspiration to develop a bigger business. Jenius is here for business needs, therefore, those digital-savvy can easily manage their businesses.” Head of BTPN’s Digital Banking Business Product, Waasi Sumintardja said.

To date, Jenius has recorded a total of 90 thousand users. The Jenius business and Bisniskit accounts can only be used by small business owners. Companies or business owners who are classified as large and already have their own company accounts, cannot take advantage of both applications.

“Unlike the other POS platforms, our Jenius business and Bisniskit accounts are free of charge. In addition, all new users and those previously registered with Jenius can take advantage of this application for free for a lifetime,” Waasi said.

A complete integrated feature

The Jenius business account has several excellent features. First, a “Send It”, menu to make it easier to send money; second, an “In & Out” menu for transaction history; and the third, “mCard” virtual debit card for online transactions.

In addition, users also get $Cashtag and a new account number to send and receive money with Jenius Contacts, which functions to store phone numbers and e-mails for business purposes. Until now, the Jenius Bisnis application has been used by users for daily transactions around 2-3 times per day.

Meanwhile, the Bisniskit application from Jenius is presented to simplify business inquiries for users. Bisniskit has two main menus, shop and cashier.

Through the Shop menu, users can manage their business by using unique features, such as “Dashboard” which provides information and current business or store conditions, “Products” to record products and browse stocks, “Expenses” to record, schedule, and view expense history, “Customers” to store and view customer data, and “Shop Settings” to manage stores and provide access to employees.

“In this application, Bisniskit can be used by 10 people. It is expected that the new business owners can employ family or close relatives to facilitate their business going digital,” Waasi added.

Previously, Youtap has launched a similar service targeting SMEs who want to adopt the digital business. What makes Youtap different is the platform can use QR Code and provide SKU up to 2 thousand more to users.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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