NgaturDuit Completes Investment Features, Provides List of Recommendations for Mutual Funds

wiku - 30 March 2011 has launched the latest version of their service and DailySocial also have written this story in the previous article. But there is one feature that I have not discussed in the previous article that are now equipped with additional services by NgaturDuit.

At least there are two features that provide confirmation that NgaturDuit service is trying to lead to a complete provision of services including consulting and investment services. For consultation feature has been discussed in DailySocial yesterday, and this morning I got a notice and an explanation about the existing investment features in

Briefly, it could be explained that this feature is now not only displays a list of mutual funds as a whole but will display a list of top 40 mutual funds recommended by Akbar’s Financial Checkup (AFC) as a partner of This list will be compiled by a team from the AFC (which has a special team for mutual funds) and will be updated regularly.

NgaturDuit users can access this feature from the investment menu, later on the user will see the development of an existing mutual fund or enter (buy/sell) a mutual fund of their choice. There are facilities to look under the category of mutual funds, a description of NAD and information about changes in the value of the mutual fund.

NgaturDuit also explained that they did not provide mutual funds buying/selling directly, but this feature could be used for the user to see the development of mutual funds (MF) in various places, as described by Api Perdana, “for example if you have MF at Bahana, Danareksa, and Mandiri. You just have to put all those MF to a portfolio complete with the number of units and the price of NAB you had bought, then in 1 pages you could always see the development of all the MF, whether developed or fall. And also of course you could take a peek of the top 40 list to see if your MF enters the top 40 or not.”

This feature is provided free of charge. You can also include the recording of mutual funds purchase in your financial transactions in your NgaturDuit account. For example if you already have a saving account at a certain bank, you just have to click the ‘buy’ button then choose the account which is used as a source of money to buy, later on the number in your account will be automatically reduced.

To view a list of top instrument, users can go to investment menu, which there will be a special tab about list of instruments that is a recommended list of mutual funds provided by the team from AFC.

Viewed from the explanation in NgaturDuit site, the report of NAB development can be is shown in the form of graphics and ranking, but I could not find an option to display them in graphical form.

As a strategy to provide a complete service, I think NgaturDuit is targeting to a more advanced market share, without losing the general user market share, which the consulting service and investment become a complementary of other financial records. I was not too proficient and understand about mutual funds, however, this feature can help users to see the development of mutual funds and could open up cooperation opportunities or more complete facilities.

What do you think, are there any readers of DailySocial who have knowledge of mutual funds, and how do you think about the investment features of NgaturDuit?

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